The modern PHP approach to creating modular applications

How to build web apps in terms of reusable modules and without any additional custom code.


What is app modularity?

Components and Bundles



The Auto-X Toolchain

Creating the app scaffold

$ composer create-project symfony/skeleton my-app
$ cd my-app
// src/Controller/Reports.php
namespace App\Controller;// ...class Reports
* @Route("/reports", name="reports")
function makeReport(Request $req, ReportMaker $maker): Response
// ...
# config/routes/report-maker.yamlreport-maker:
resource: '@ReportMaker'
prefix: '/api'
symfony server:start


Where do we go from here?

// Database abstraction
$ composer require doctrine/doctrine-bundle
// File system abstraction (including cloud storage)
$ composer require league/flysystem-bundle
// API functionality
$ composer require api-platform/api-pack

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